OGIS International, Inc. is an information technology research, development and operational service company. We provide the IT-related professional services for OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., our parent company in Japan.



The comprehensive business advice and technical assistance based on the detailed survey of venture businesses, startup companies, and their own new technologies.


The act of strategic product creation related to OGIS-RI's business direction, for example, Mule ESB products (see the below), framework for applications on PaaS, and joint development with startup companies in Bay Area.


The experiments and considerations about technological issues such as joint research with an academic institution about analysis and design technologies for SOA success.


SAP Transport for Mule ESB 2

The SAP Transport for Mule ESB 2 provides connectivity with SAP ERP 6.0 via JCO (SAP Java Connector) provided by SAP. See the project page on MuleForge for more details.


The S2Mule provides applications based on Seasar2, the most popular open source framework in Japan, with easy ways to interact with a wide range of external systems and resources. See the project page (Japanese) for more details.

XGrotto Web Services Integration Suite

XGrotto Web Services Integration Suite aimed at helping developers integrate Web Services with their applications faster.